Identifying The Symptoms Of RBD Sleep Disorder

RBD sleep disorder or rapid eye movement (REM) is part of the 5 different stages of sleep. The other stage of sleep is non-rapid eye movement sleep or NREM. RBD sleep is vital because of the different physiological transforms it causes to a sleeping person. This is without forgetting the fact that most people experience vivid dream during REM. This article will explain some signs of REM sleep disorder.
Sleep disorders Identifying The Symptoms Of RBD Sleep DisorderSigns of RBD Sleep Disorder
There are several symptoms that will help you identifying the presence of REM sleep disorder. When you notice a few of these signs, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Brain waves – during the cycle of RBD sleep disorder, the patient experiences some brief and irregular brain waves. These are accompanied by huge bursts of ocular activities. The RBD phase of sleep is a stage whereby you will explain the most intense visuals of your night dreams. More so, the brain activities are similar to those that you can experience when you are awake contrary to the activities of a sleeping person.

445 Identifying The Symptoms Of RBD Sleep DisorderBlood flow – the flow of your blood during RBD sleep disorder changes. For instance, the blood pressure might significantly increase with the same rate as that of your pulse. Unfortunately, your pulse may greatly improve in an irregular manner. People with cardiac medical problems are at high risks of getting heart attacks during sleep times of RBD. To make the situation interesting, most experts suspect that the blood flow changes induced by REM explain sexual organs propensity for women and men to engorge.

Insomnia – insomnia itself is a sign of other medical problems. In most cases insomnia takes the patterns of failing to fall asleep or staying awake the entire night, daytime fatigue and waking up earlier than planned. Most of the people who have insomnia problems fail to fall asleep in the right situations and some might fall asleep while driving. This is a dangerous situation and an indication of RBD sleep disorder.

Sleep apnoea – a primary sign is the increased sleepiness during day time. Some patients might deny the feeling of sleepiness, but experience excessive fatigue. Additional signs are gasping sounds, snoring and snorting during sleep, which can be identified by a bed partner.

Other changes in your body – at times, you might notice that your jaw and chin slacks during RBD sleep. More so, the toes, fingers and face may twitch. There is also a tendency of large muscles paralysis to an extent that you cannot move your torso, legs or arms. The regulation of your body temperature might also weaken making you sweat and shiver. Irregular breathing is also another body change that you can experience during RBD sleep disorder.

This article has explained some possible signs of RBD sleep disorder. When you notice some of these signs, you should seek for medical attention as soon as possible. This will help you in making sure that the situation does not get worse.

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